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[accordion_active_item id=”one” title=”PERFORM THOROUGH INVESTIGATIONS THAT WITHSTAND EXTERNAL SCRUTINY”]Our experienced professional investigators will tailor a package to meet your bespoke needs, ranging from:
• the investigation on your behalf
• facilitating your internal investigation team
• undertaking structured leading reviews of on-going / completed investigations.[/accordion_active_item] [accordion_item id=”two” title=”TURN INSIGHT FROM INVESTIGATIONS INTO IMPROVED PERFORMANCE”]Our Root Cause Analysis specialists will work with you to drill down through the circumstances of the incident under investigation, to identify causal factors and root causes, to put in place corrective actions that will reduce the risk of recurrences.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item id=”three” title=”BUILD STRUCTURED INVESTIGATION MODELS”]We will help you to assess your existing investigative structures, capability and capacity and adapt the tried and tested Matrix Incident Investigation Toolkits to build the process model that will meet your organisational requirements and eliminate costly inefficiencies.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item id=”four” title=”DEVELOP INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS AND CAPABILITY”]Training your people and providing mentoring and support to help them improve their knowledge and develop their investigative ability in the field is one of our specialities.[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item id=”five” title=”DEMONSTRATE COMMITMENT TO A SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT”]There is an established link between learning from experience and improving future performance that is directly relevant to safety in the workplace. Lessons learned are the product of thorough investigation and structured analysis, exactly what Matrix Risk Control can help you to deliver.[/accordion_item]

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