Matrix Risk Control offers customised in-house training options for investigation, emergency response, crisis management or any other specialist area our unique experience covers.

Course content is shaped around your organisation's specific challenges and objectives, using real scenarios, tools and processes from your business. We believe the best training is that which your people feel they own and can relate to.
Our tried and tested process results in highly engaging and effective learning and development:

  1. Understand the need: first, we assess your current material and approach to training and profile a typical participant.
  2. Design the material: we use of our in-depth knowledge of how people learn along with your subject matter expertise to design an end-to-end learning package.
  3. Thoroughly review: to ensure our offering addresses your specific needs and meets your objectives, we walk through the entire package with your own representatives and testers.
  4. Effective delivery: we ensure the package is properly embedded in your organisation using awareness and communication campaigns, and comprehensive roll-out plans, followed by delivery by our experienced trainers or a closely managed 'train-the-trainer' programme.
  5. Regular evaluation: to make sure the training continues to meet the needs of your business as you develop, we can follow up with ongoing qualitative and quantitative evaluation to develop strengths and identify areas for improvement.