End-to-end investigation

Our experienced investigators, most of whom are former UK senior police officers, conduct end-to-end investigations in organisations worldwide. Our experience covers all sectors and all aspects of business and industry.

Safety incidents

Environmental incidents

Equipment failures

Business failures


Bribery and corruption

We conduct complete investigations that result in clear, concise reports that not only cover the investigation’s findings but also provide advisory information on next steps and future prevention.

Clients frequently ask us to look at the wider picture of their organisation and identify potential weaknesses that constitute risk to their people, assets or reputation or the community at large. We advise on how to acquire the knowledge, skills and processes in the business to strengthen its defences.

The outcomes of our services are:

  • In-depth understanding of the incident/s under investigation,
  • Defence against recurrence,
  • Certainty when making strategic decisions.

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Investigation support

For clients who do not have the relevant resources in-house, our experts can provide specialist support during your investigation in areas such as interviewing, taking statements and gathering evidence.

As former police investigators, we follow methods that are both lawful and effective in following enquiries through to a full and final conclusion.

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Emergency response

If your team are only occasionally involved in dealing with emergencies and are only required to do so when the worst happens, it's essential that they receive regular and structured training so they know what to do and how to communicate when a crisis occurs. Not only will this assist in the preservation of life and continuity of business operations, it will also help to drive improvement to prevent similar incidents happening again.

Matrix has extensive practical experience managing complex major incidents and crises from over 200 years of combined law enforcement service. Our hands-on expertise has led us to develop a leading programme of specialist training for emergency response and crisis management. We can provide training courses for all levels of staff, in any global location.

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