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Case Studies

Case Studies

A history of innovative professional practice

We have worked successfully across many sectors to meet the requirements of our clients. View these case studies to see how Matrix Risk Control can assist your business.


Matrix were commissioned to conduct an efficiency review of the corporate incident investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process.


Matrix were engaged by to deliver senior management awareness training on their responsibilities and duty of care under the Corporate Homicide legislation.

Gas Pipeline

Matrix were engaged by the Vice President HSE with responsibility for one of the world’s largest gas pipeline laying projects based in Australia. There was a need to develop and deliver a substantial safety training programme.

Human Resources

Matrix were appointed to perform an independent review of an internal grievance procedure investigation where an OIM had been suspended for bullying. The OIM was claiming that there were insufficient grounds for the suspension and his legal advisor was threatening a tribunal route.

Oil & Gas

Matrix were appointed to facilitate the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) of a gas riser rupture which could very easily have led to a major explosion and potential loss of life on an offshore platform.

Passenger Car Ferry

Matrix were appointed to address the challenges for crews experiencing conflict situations with passengers, typically under the influence of alcohol.

Water Treatment Plant

Matrix were appointed to lead an investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) into a major multi-million dollar equipment failure where a newly installed boiler had failed leading to major financial and operating consequences.